Happy Monday! It’s officially the start of my first full work week of 2017. Yes, I’ve managed to pull off three short weeks in a row! Two of those short weeks are thanks to a short girls trip I took with my high school besties at the beginning of January and I have to say it was the  BEST most ENERGIZING way to start the new year.

It is no secret that I’m the absolute WORST at keeping in touch with people. My iMessage inbox is always about 30 deep with unread texts, my personal e-mail is a joke and visiting my personal Facebook definitely isn’t a daily routine. With a crazy work schedule and tons of blogger, sorority and philanthropy commitments, my personal well-being usually falls by the waste side. And my personal well-being is 90% determined by the amazing friends I have in my life.


After this little trip with my girlfriends (the biddies, an inappropriate but meaningful “friend group” name established the summer before we left for college), I realized how much I need to start prioritizing communication with these gals for our friendship and for my own sanity. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ve been texting/talking ever since we left high school, but definitely not as much as that September after graduation.

It’s funny how nobody warns you about life after college. When you leave your high school friends you are comforted by the thought that it is only 4 years and then you’ll be reunited in the town that raised you. Oh, how wrong we were. Two and a half years after college graduation and we’re in five different cities, further away from each other than we ever intended.


These few days together was seriously cleansing. For the first time in a while, I was surrounded by people who accept me for ALL of me (not that my college or post-grad friends don’t, they just haven’t put up with the things these ladies have). There is just something about sitting across from a friend who has known since you were twelve. These ladies have seen my saddest tears, comforted me at the times I’ve felt most lost, and celebrated my accomplishments as much (if not more) as I have. So, sitting across from them telling them I’m finally happy in my relationship, my career, and life is truly an emotional experience.

I’ve been pretty open about how hard the latter half of 2016 was for me and I’m starting to think it had a lot to do with the lack of biddie time. That said, we’ve all made a conscious effort to be more a part of each other’s lives. We’ve reignited the group chat (established circa 2010) and we’re looking forward to more weekends just like this one. With only two weeks of constant reconnection, I’m already feeling more like myself and happier due to the constant positivity these ladies are bringing into my life.

Moral of the story— call your best friend. She misses you.

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