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What I’m Loving

Photo: Instagram 1| When you just want to take a breather. 2| J.Crew just keeps on giving. Get 30% off! 3| How to throw a rosé themed party.  4| Fresh styles right to your doorstep. 5| KJP’s new line of dresses is ??? 6| When you’re cold, but could use a slight breeze. 7| Everyone […] Read more…

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What I’m Loving

Photo: Instagram 1| That vintage Lilly flair.  2| Looks like Italy was just the pre-game. 3| The little black romper. 4| Add this to the list of things I’m dying to do this summer. 5| About to slide into something affordable and comfortable.  6| Still not over our trip to Croatia. 7| Up tp 50% off […] Read more…

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What I’m Loving

1| More Kylie Mattes to obsess over.  2| Soul Cycle’s Warrior Week is back! Join me on Snapchat!  3| Stepping out in a new Chubbies suit.  4| Might take the plunge into Lilly Luxletic. 5| A must read for a #GirlBoss 6| Swooning over this printed shirtdress. 7| Exploring Provincetown in Lilly. 8| Leave it to […] Read more…