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Sweater (Nordstrom) | Skirt (J.Crew) | Tights (Anthropologie) | Booties (Jack Rogers)

Bag (Michael Kors) | Necklace (Marley Lilly) | Bracelets (Kate Spade, KJP)

We made it to Thursday!! ūüôƬ† Hasn’t this week felt at least a month¬†long?! I don’t know¬†why, but each day seriously went at a snails pace. It might be because¬†Tom is traveling for work this week so I feel like I’m not sleeping well in my apartment and my routine is all¬†messed up. Regardless, it has been a pretty productive week since I’ve had a little extra time to workout, catch up on all of my favorite TV shows, work on the blog and clean my apartment.

Even though I had some extra time, I’ve been super uninspired lately. I don’t know what to wear in the morning, I’m being faced with creative roadblocks at work, and honestly, I’ve been at a lost for what to post here on the blog. Does that ever happen to you? I’m trying my best to break out of it and write something, just anything to get over this hump. If any of you have any tips or tricks on how to breakthrough writers block, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Thankfully, I styled this outfit before I got into this funk. Hope you love it!

What I’m Wearing


Sweater (Nordstrom) | Skirt (J.Crew) | Tights (Anthropologie) | Booties (Jack Rogers)

Bag (Michael Kors) | Necklace (Marley Lilly) | Bracelets (Kate Spade, KJP)

Okay, so first and foremost, I know there is A LOT going on in this outfit. And at first I didn’t think I could pull it off,¬†but I love the way the different colors, textures and patterns play off of each other. I also love how it is subtly messy, but also put together at the same time.¬†Kind like those preppy perfect moments that Blair Waldorf inspired!¬†

Above all, I love that I’m repurposing a tartan skirt that is usually more holiday-appropriate, for the winter season. I usually go crazy buying plaid and tartan for Christmas and then I abandon it all come Jan. 1st. I realized that breaking up with plaid post-Christmas is absolutely ridiculous and can totally be salvaged depending on how you style it.


So let’s break this outfit down. Starting with my half cotton half velvet sweater that I’m absolutely obsessed with. I actually snagged this over the summer during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, so they no longer have it in stock. But I found a few similar styles here, here, and here. If you can’t tell, I just can’t get enough velvet this season and the compliments have been endless with this one. Everyone loves how it is totally classy, but also crazy comfy.

At the end of the Fall and this Winter I’ve dressed this sweater up with a skirt similar to what I’ve done here, but I’ve also dressed it down dozens of times with a pair of jeans. So the investment (which wasn’t very much) has definitely been worth it.


I love this photo because you can really get a glimpse of the velvet sheen that shines through when it hits the light hits justtttt right and how it picks up the lighter white and yellow hues in the tartan skirt. During Christmas, I would likely pair this skirt with a green or red top, but choosing one of the other colors (navy, white, yellow) tricks everyone into thinking this skirt was never even a holiday skirt in the first place.

Now that I’m over the fact that this isn’t a holiday skirt, I’m super excited to wear it come spring maybe with a white or yellow bodysuit. I’d also swap out my Jack Roger booties for a pair of classic Jack Rogers or some casual sneakers.


Okay, so what do you think? Is this outfit a total mess or a beautifully chaotic? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

4 Comments on How To Wear Plaid All Winter Long

  1. Maureen
    January 25, 2018 at 9:51 am (4 weeks ago)

    I think you can always wear plaid and this is coming from someone who wore plaid for 4 years through high school (OK I had to wear a uniform). But I still love plaid and it isn’t just for the holidays. Your outfit is darling.

  2. Erin
    January 25, 2018 at 4:38 pm (4 weeks ago)

    I love your outfit! First, I love plaid and that skirt is the cutest and second, I love velvet!!!

  3. bestcapturedblog
    January 25, 2018 at 6:14 pm (4 weeks ago)

    I love plaid! Super cute and YES it looks great with the shirt! I bet it would also look super cute with a white tank in the summer too. Seasonally versatile.

    • Marie Goldstein
      January 25, 2018 at 11:53 pm (4 weeks ago)

      Thank you so much for reading! I’ll definitely have to do an update in the spring or summer!


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