Happy Saturday, everyone! I know, this is weird because I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I’m really trying to amp it up this year! To kickoff the first weekend of the new year, I’m sharing how you can wear your purchases from ThePreppyMAG Boutique post-holiday. And don’t worry if you didn’t get to purchase any of these fab styles before the holidays because there are a few styles left in select sizes so GET TO IT!! 

1| Ruffles & Pearls


Top (ThePreppyMAG Boutique) | Skirt (ThePreppyMAG Boutique)  Tights (Anthropologie) |Booties (J.Crew) | Bag (Chanel)

First up we have the ‘What You’re Wearing To Brunch‘ top and ‘What You’re Wearing To Girls Night Out‘ leather skirt. These two items can be bought together or separate if your are favoring one over the other. If I’m being honest, I feel like this duo is even better post-holidays because of it’s black & white simplicity and is probably a little bit more realistic in February or March when these sub-zero temperatures calm down.

While I love these two pieces together, I actually prefer to wear the ‘What You’re Wearing To Brunch‘ top with some ripped jeans to make it more casual and honestly it’s bit warmer. Not to mention how this feminine ruffled look would be perfect with a red or pink skirt (UNDER $20) for Valentine’s Day, which will be here before we know it.

2| Scarves Galore


Sweater (Macy’s) ON SALE! | Jeans (Anthropologie) | Booties (J.Crew)

Scarf (ThePreppyMAG Boutique) | Bag (Chanel) | Bracelet (Tory Burch)

Scarves were a top seller during the holidays and had the most repeat customers. If I’ve said once, I’ve said it a million times…this scarf is the warmest and softest scarf you will ever order and lucky for you, we still have stock in 3 different patterns. We have the best-seller (pictured above) called ‘What You’re Wearing To The Park‘, but we also have ‘What You’re Wearing Ice Skating‘ and ‘What You’re Wearing Window Shopping.’ Obviously, I’m obsessed with all three styles, but they each come in handy for different occasions.

During the holidays, the ‘What You’re Wearing To The Park‘ was my go-to because of the pop of red, but it can absolutely be worn throughout winter. When I’m dressing down with a pair of jeans and a sweater, I’m likely grabbing the ‘What You’re Wearing Ice Skating‘ due to the blue and green hues. And finally the ‘What You’re Wearing Window Shopping.’ Since I have a tan parka and thanks to these cold temperatures, I’ve been grabbing this one the most over the past few days.

3| Formal Occasions


Top (Gap) | Skirt (ThePreppyMAG Boutique) | Bag (Chanel)

Shoes (Christian Louboutin) | Necklace (Marley Lilly)

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that we don’t have anywhere to go! Whether it be a dinner out with your boyfriend’s parents or one of your best friend’s birthday party, this skirt is simply perfect for any occasion. If you live in NYC, you already naturally have somewhere to wear this number since it already fits in with your all-black wardrobe. 😂  All jokes aside, I’m usually not one to stick with that all-black-everything NYC stereotype, but I can’t help but love this classic (audrey-inspired look).

4| Comfy Pearls


Top (ThePreppyMAG Boutique) | Jeans (Gap) ON SALE! | Booties (J.Crew) | Bag (Chanel)

When it is this cold out you just want to be comfortable and that is basically the only way to describe the ‘What You’re Wearing Holiday Shopping‘ top. Over the last few weeks, I’ve loved seeing all of the awesome ways you’ve styled this top. I’ve seen some wear it to work with a pair of black J.Crew trousers, I’ve seen it worn with velvet leggings for a move night with friends and I’ve seen plenty of you wear it with jeans shopping for family and friends (that one was my favorite!).

5| Valentine’s Day Perfection


Dress (ThePreppyMAG Boutique) | Bag (Chanel)

Tights (Anthropologie) | Shoes (Christian Louboutin)

Last but not least, this dress that was absolutely PERFECT for all of your holiday parties will be working double time for your Valentine’s Day dates or Galentine’s Day soirées. In high school my best friends and I threw a Valentine’s Day party in my parent’s basement (I’ll never forget sealing all the invites with a kiss 😂😂😂), it was both the most embarrassing and the coolest thing we’ve ever done, and this dress is almost giving me a reason to bring it back in a much classier way (back in the day we wore matching tank tops from Hollister😂). That said, if I don’t throw a party myself I’ll definitely be looking for an excuse to dress up this Valentine’s Day so I can wear this number. This time, I’ll be matching it with a faux fur shawl. 

Okay, so are you convinced that you can get A LOT of use out of your ThePreppyMAG Boutique purchases in 2018?! If so, get shopping and be sure to share your styles using #ThePreppyMAGBoutique and #PreppedByMAG on Instagram!

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