One of my favorite things about being a blogger, is discovering hidden gems like this! Tone Brazilian Glam Nourishing Body Wash is one of the best body washes I’ve had in my shower in a long time. Mostly because of the INCREDIBLE aroma that it leaves in my bathroom as I get ready in the morning, but also because it is extremely moisturizing (especially since I’m still wearing shorts, skirts and dresses with this weather).

With my Fall schedule picking up, I’ve used this body wash as a way to keep my brain on vacation-time. My stressed mornings are instantly transitioned into mini-beach vacations just by using this body wash. This vacation smell is coming from the wash’s delicious ingredients, Brazil nut oil and oil and Maracujá (passion fruit).

Since I’m almost already out of this body wash (I think I went a little overboard ?), I’m already looking forward to trying Tone Skincare’s other products. Especially, Blissful Awakening (Caffeine + Vanilla Blossom), Petal Soft (Pink Peony + Rose Oil), and Sooting Care (Oatmeal + Shea Butter).

Buy a bottle of your own HERE!


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