So some of you know and some of you don’t, but I abandoned ThePreppyMAG back in August. I stopped posting, I cut down on the daily Instagram, and pumped the breaks on my paid partnerships. I even  started to get more comfortable telling people that I was giving up blogging and that ‘I was just too busy’ over the last few weeks.

And then things came crashing. I had a really stressful work week, I was busy planning events for the Sigma Kappa alumnae chapter, and I barely had time to spend with Tom. The funny thing was that I’ve been more stressed, I’ve been busier, and I’ve been spread thinner than I felt in these moments. And of course it was when I had a complete meltdown that I realized what was different. A huge part of me was missing. ThePreppyMAG was missing.

So why did I give up blogging in the first place? The truth is, I gave up. I’ve been working tirelessly at this blog for 4 years. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities it’s given me, but I felt like I was treading water. The blogger community got more and more crowded everyday, but ThePreppyMAG wasn’t progressing forward. I started to think that some people get their break and some don’t, and with things going well at my day job, I also started to think that I didn’t need ThePreppyMAG.

BUT, Joke is on me! ThePreppyMAG is much more than an extra income stream, a creative portfolio, and hella Instagram likes. ThePreppyMAG was my outlet, my stress reliever, my alternate universe where I could just be myself.

So, here we are. I’m back to blogging and for the first time ever, I don’t care whether I succeed or not. I don’t care about the engagement, the views, or the money. I care about having a space to be myself.

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