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The only way I can describe the way I feel right now is ‘walking corpse’. This Hip Hop Vinyasa yoga class at Y7 in Soho, literally KILLED me! Don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing, but it certainly a work out if you are up for a challenge.

I’m trying to slowly ease my way back into my normal non-summer routine, working out regularly, making home-cooked meals, eating better, etcetera. That said, I’m back on that Class Pass bandwagon and this was the first class that I’ve taken in a WHILE! That said, it was a bit of a frustrating challenge, but I’m excited to go back and perfect my practice a bit further.

If you aren’t familiar with Vinyasa yoga, it is a 60-minute class that combines various postures, revitalizing stretching and specific breathing. Vinyasa can also be referred to as ‘Flow’ yoga as there are periods in the class where you flow into the posture sequences at your own pace and really get to flow into what feels right for your body and individual practice.

So, what makes it a ‘hip hop’ yoga class, you ask?! I was expecting a mix of dance and yoga and I was wrong. It is essentially a normal Vinyasa yoga class to the beat of different hip hop songs. Last night’s class featured all Nikki Minaj songs! As much as I love the relaxing elements of yoga, this upbeat background music kept the class energizing and fast paced…which definitely amplified the sweat!

I have to say that I was surprised by this class. I love yoga, I love hip hop, so I knew I would love it. BUT, I don’t think I was prepared for the workout it would give me. The class took place in a heated room (around 90-degrees, nothing like Bikram), so every stretch was a bit deeper than the next and the sweat poureddddd off your body.

If you can’t tell, I’ll definitely be making another trip back to Y7! If you are interested in trying the class, head to Class Pass or the Y7 website and drop a line in the comments. Would love a workout buddy!

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  1. Syls Hanes
    August 11, 2017 at 1:17 pm (7 months ago)

    I had never heard of hip hop yoga – not sure this is offered in my area, but will look into it! Thanks for sharing


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