Okay, so who hasn’t shopped the Nordstrom anniversary sale?! Surprisingly, a bunch of people! So I put together a few of my favorites from the sale, that I may have even bought myself. As much as I HATE thinking about the upcoming fall season, it is nice to think that I’ll have this new wardrobe to get me started.

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is actually amazing when it comes to buying larger items like coats, riding boots, and handbags. BUT, since I’m really trying to minimize the clutter in my closet I took a little bit of a different approach. This year, I either chose summer styles (I’m all about that instant gratification) or simple staples. I also wanted to make sure that these items won’t take up too much space in the closet (especially since I’m not trying to turn over my closet just yet.).

I’m the biggest sucker for a good pair of shoes. I can barely ever say no, so I tried to stay super focused. I know I need a pair of black booties for Fall/Winter and I tend to¬†wear out my slip-on sneakers, so both are on my radar. I threw in a few other little surprises, because like I said I really can’t say no.

Hope you enjoy my picks! If you want to shop, all you need to do is click on your favorites above.

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