Hydra-Essential Bi-phase Serum Normal to Dry Skin | Hydra-Essential Silky Cream SPF 15 Normal to Dry Skin

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Winter is here to stay and I’m revamping my moisturizing routine! As a frequent skier I’m constantly commuting from NYC to Vermont, which means commuting from cold to even colder and back to cold almost weekly. That said, my skin definitely has seen better days. Between the wind burn, the dryness, and the unnecessary but so necessary snow day hot tub sessions, my skin needs some rejuvenation and that is exactly what Clarins is helping me do.

Clarins’ Hydra-Essential products are made to combat thermic shock (going from really hot to really cold temperatures) by quenching thirsty skin and boosting skin’s ability to retain precious moisture for all-day hydration. According to Clarins, our bodies experience up to 17 thermic shocks a day and I can only imagine what a ski day looks like! ?

I tested both the “Hydra-Essential Bi-phase Serum Normal to Dry Skin” and the  “Hydra-Essential Silky Cream SPF 15 Normal to Dry Skin” and I could not be more impressed. I receive so many different moisturizers from brands, but this one is truly different. Putting it on after a weekend skiing was exactly what I needed to jumpstart 2017 and stop the dryness that was making EVERYTHING a little less fresh.

The “Hydra-Essential Bi-phase Serum Normal to Dry Skin” is definitely the more hydrating of the two if you are looking for strict skin hydration. However, I found that I like the products best paired together as the “Hydra-Essential Silky Cream SPF 15 Normal to Dry Skin” gave me the moisture and silky smooth skin that I need to feel confident each day before I apply my make-up.

Clarins has DEFINITELY made it into my winter routine and something I know I won’t be travelling without. As a matter of a fact, I’m off to Florida today and I’m interested to see how these products will treat me in some warmer weather. Whether or not I see success, I know they’ll be waiting for me when I come home to cold NYC.

*This post was sponsored by Clarins*

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