I can’t believe we are already midway through summer! Thankfully I have had a ton of fun in the sun thus far and have a lot planned for July & August. Fun including these amazing floats that showed up this past weekend in the Hamptons. This past weekend was all about relaxing in the sun, so much so that I only left the property ONCE the entire weekend! Whether it be hostessing, laying in the sun, or hanging with my favorite snacks I loved being outdoors (especially after a crazy-long work week)!

I’Pool floats have made a major comeback recently (we can thank Taylor Swift), so your favorite go-to stores are selling unique floats just like the ones above. I picked up these babies at Macy’s, who would have thought?! It gets even better, they are on SALE and WAY cheaper than the other floats you may see trending on Instagram (Swan & Pizza), for only $19 you can get your favorite snack-inspired float.

While the doughnut is definitely more functional, the chocolate-covered pretzel is by far my favorite. They also have popsicles, bananas, and watermelon slices! Swimming with your favorite snack, does it get better?

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