I’m not a full-time blogger in the slightest, in fact it isn’t even my part-time job but it takes up A LOT of time! I always hate how bloggers make it seem like a glamorous lifestyle full of perfect outfits, gorgeous apartments, and no stress. BUT for me, this couldn’t be more wrong. I work a 9 to 5 9 to 10 PM job that requires a lot of weekend and night work, which makes it difficult to dedicate time to only blogging.

It is funny how I started my post-grad, adult life hoping to be a full-time blogger one day. But now I’ve fallen so in love in my full-time job as a Social Marketing Manager that I could never imagine quitting. Even though the job comes with an always-on mentality and a few long nights, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

When you are passionate about blogging but don’t necessarily have the time to do it right, you need to do everything you can to make it easy. This is why I’ve set up a blogging nook in my apartment. I’m pretty much working on my blog whenever I’m not at work, so it is important that I have this place that is fully equipped with everything I need. Making a blogging nook is easier than it looks. All you need is a computer (Tom actually made this one– how cool?!), inspirational quotes, space for contracts/documents, and your planner. Having everything in one place is essential when you are always running.

Here are my steps to creating an adorable yet affordable blogging nook. 

1| Choose your desk. This doesn’t have to be a state-of-the art piece of home decor. I got this gorgeous mirrored piece from Bob’s Discount Furniture on SALE and they delivered it right to my apartment! Done & done.

2| A computer. Whether you are a Mac or PC person, this is definitely something you need to think about. I personally love a desktop with a huge screen so I can easily layout all of my posts but I work from my MacBook Air a lot, too!

3| Inspiration. Depending on your interests, frame a few decorative prints around your space. I choose a quote from Tom Ford, “I Am My Own Muse,” two Chanel pieces and a huge pink chandelier. I actually lucked out and scored these on Zulily for under $9 each! BUT check out Design Darling & Etsy for more!

4| Make it your own. I’ve had my eye on this Society Social chair for A WHILE and this is the perfect place for it. Not only is it super comfortable for long hours on end, but it is the best pop of pink and girlyness in my apartment! I tap into it a few more times with my Disney Marie pen & Lilly Pulitzer Sigma Kappa Whiteboard.

5| Keep it clean. Whether you are camping out for hours or falling asleep right before you go to bed, it is SO important to clean up after yourself or tidy up your stuff each day. Your desk can become unorganized and dirty really quickly because you never want to break concentration and clean up, but keeping a clean space will keep your mind clear and guarantee that everything stays right where you left it.


13 Comments on How To Make A Blogging Nook!

  1. SunDragonLady Choi
    February 16, 2016 at 2:11 pm (2 years ago)

    Great idea. I absolutely need to create my own space. 😉

  2. Ashleigh
    February 16, 2016 at 7:25 pm (2 years ago)

    I love the idea of a blogging nook! Your’s is so super cute! I might have to copy you on this one! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kristin_Lia
    February 16, 2016 at 7:53 pm (2 years ago)

    I moved into a new house last October and haven’t really done much with my office/art studio. I have furniture already, but definitely need to turn this space into something inspirational. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Jessica
    February 16, 2016 at 7:53 pm (2 years ago)

    I need a blogging nook SO BAD!

  5. Waseem Khan
    February 16, 2016 at 8:00 pm (2 years ago)

    Great Post. Sometimes we all need our own space to get work done! Thanks for the tips.

  6. Candy
    February 16, 2016 at 8:08 pm (2 years ago)

    Blogging nook yes. I’m kind of all over the place right now.

  7. Victoria
    February 16, 2016 at 10:32 pm (2 years ago)

    This is gorgeous and very inspiring!

  8. keatingbartlett
    February 17, 2016 at 2:35 am (2 years ago)

    This is so cute! I love my blogging space. In our last house, I had a full office so I’m hoping to have another great space in our next home :)

  9. Kim
    February 17, 2016 at 12:52 pm (2 years ago)

    Such a great idea…love the desk with the pink mirroring

  10. Becky @ Disney in your Day
    February 17, 2016 at 1:19 pm (2 years ago)

    So cute! I really need to set up an area like this. Right now I’m just set up on my couch.

  11. Kristie
    February 17, 2016 at 10:09 pm (2 years ago)

    You have such a cute little nook! Props to you for juggling so much, the hustle is always on :)


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