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Ahhh winter break. The time when you get almost a whole month off from school, you get to relax with all your friends, and you’re still filling up on all the holiday treats. But once the New Year hits, winter break can start to drag, and you realize you’re still stuck at home.

Winter break is something you should take advantage of, and not just to clear out your Netflix queue. You have a few weeks to be super productive, so get going! Here’s a few things to make your winter break worth your while.

  • Update your resume. Still haven’t added your latest accomplishments to your resume or LinkedIn profile? Get updated! Remember to add skills you may have acquired over the last semester as well. Did you learn Photoshop? Coding? Video editing? Are you certified in anything? Add this to your resume!
  • Get organized. Clean out your closet, your junk drawer, your makeup. Make sure your backpack or desk isn’t still filled with last semester’s papers and assignments so that you can have a fresh start!
  • Work on your portfolio. Use this extra time to work on things you are passionate about that will further your career. Finish that painting, contribute to your favorite website, do a guest post on your blog with someone you admire. Freelance work is always out there!
  • Work. I always babysit when I’m home to earn a little extra cash, and most of my friends return to their part-time jobs back home for the season. If your break is long, it might be worth finding something temporary.
  • Intern. You can always find a ‘winternship’ aka a short-term January internship. Some companies even like their spring interns to start in January, so this could give you a leg up on your colleagues who aren’t coming back until the semester starts. If you are staying at home, try finding a local company who could use an extra hand for a few weeks; those connections could help you later on!
  • Volunteer. Give back to your community, whether you spend a few hours at the animal shelter or even help build a house, find a way to do good with your time off.

While these are all ways to better yourself, there is nothing wrong with spending some time relaxing, catching up with friends, and spending a lot of “me time” on the couch with your Netflix account. Whether your goal for break is to catch up on ‘Making a Murderer’ or power through a Photoshop tutorial, make sure you have fun!

3 Comments on ThePreppyU: How to Make the Most of Winter Break

  1. anxiousgeek
    January 16, 2016 at 3:30 pm (2 years ago)

    I like the idea of a wintership.

  2. caendicott
    October 12, 2016 at 12:53 pm (1 year ago)

    Winter Break was always my time to catch up on pleasure reading and exercise. It used to drive my mom crazy that I’d lose weight over Winter Break while she put on weight. But I also was on the treadmill everyday.

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