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It’s that time of year where everyone is running around, stressed out, over-committed, and waaaay too ready for a break. And no matter how many projects or tests or essays or events you have going on, this is when our motivation (and sometimes grades!) starts to drop.


But, since this is one of the busiest times of the semester, you have to stay on top of your game for just a little longer.


So how do you stay motivated when all you can think about is lounging on your couch at home, snuggled under your favorite blanket, and watching Netflix while stealing snacks from the kitchen?


For starters, know what you are working towards. It is almost Thanksgiving, and then after that comes Christmas! And with the holidays comes seeing your friends, your family, and eating until you hate yourself on Turkey Day. Holiday breaks are what we wait for all semester long! So here’s a few tips to keep you motivated for just a little while longer.


Manage Your Time: Do you ever get so busy that you just need to take a nap? We’ve all been there, but this is no time for napping! If you find that you are spending hours on a project that should take 30 minutes, plan out your day. Factor in how long certain assignments will take, how long you will be in class, and any social activities you may have coming up. Evaluate what is most important- if there are things that you can scratch off your schedule without a problem, do it. That brunch with your friends who you see everyday can wait until after your essay is due.


Make Time For Yourself: If you manage to work in a break, do something you love. Read a chapter in the book you’ve been struggling to finish all semester, paint your nails, watch an episode (just one!!) of your favorite show. Do something that makes you happy.


Reward Yourself: If you finish your paper tonight, you can go hang out with your friends tomorrow. If you do your reading now, you won’t be staying up late tomorrow and can spend that time catching up on your Netflix queue instead. If nothing else, Thanksgiving is your next big reward!


This is a rough time of the semester, but this is the home stretch! You’re almost there. Try to breathe, power through your projects, and know that next week is Thanksgiving and Christmas is in just over a month!

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