Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.37.01 PM   Most of us like to hide behind or stick to traditional colors grey, black, white, etc. For example, how often do you see someone wearing the color pink? I for one, rarely ever see anyone in the color unless accessorizing. Although accessorizing is a huge part of our wardrobe, it’s nice to have a varied color scheme of outfits. So for the rest of the month I challenge you to wear pink and show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness month! Here’s a few different techniques in which you can bring out some style with this bold color.

First and foremost is how to incorporate the color pink into our day to day attire. Are you meeting your girlfriends for lunch and want to be comfortable but look cute? You can dress down and keep warm with a simple pink sweater and highlighted pink scarf. Along with that, a casual look including hot pink jeans and a blouse of your choice. You can’t go wrong! Maybe you’re getting ready to go on a date and want to get a little more dressed up to impress your significant other. A flowy skirt or lace top with jeans will do just the trick. Last, are you looking for a more business casual? A pencil skirt dressed with a pink blazer will definitely have you looking the part. Any of these outfits will make you stand out, showing your bright personality and confident look.

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Moving on to accessories, a key component in every outfit. Accessories are what put together your look. Think about it, when you like your outfit but you feel it might be a little too casual you put on some jewelry and bam you instantly feel more glamorous. When you wear a watch don’t you suddenly feel like you have your life put together? I always feel so much more organized when wearing my watch especially when matched with my handbag. Ladies our handbags… these are our dirty little secrets. We keep everything in there and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. It’s our survival kit. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say it’s like a never ending gaping hole in there. Last is our shoes, a shoe can say a lot about your personality. From boots, flats, sandals, heels and sneakers there is an assortment to pick from when it comes to strutting your stuff.

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Finally, I know we all have colors outside of the neutral and smokey eye that are beautiful eyeshadows, but we just don’t know how to apply them. I know personally I have bright purples, pinks, greens and blues that I love, I just don’t know how to use them without making myself look like it exploded on my face. With just these seven simple steps I was able to accomplish a subtile yet gorgeous eye using the colors I never knew what to do with.

By following these short steps you’re experimenting with new colors and taking a new approach at your ensemble. You’re allowing yourself to expand beyond your comfort zone so you may feel a little weird at first; who knows you might have just created a new look for yourself that you never thought you would.

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