Month: October 2015


ThePreppyU: How To Cope With Writer’s Block

I sit, back schlumped in defeat. One hand is drumming an endless rhythm into my desk, long fingers tapping nails in a repetitive motion. The other hand, cradling my throbbing head as I struggle to find an original and captivating thought. Hozier plays softly, melting into the background as I struggle to block everything out […] Read more…


An Autumn Weekend

Sweater | Skirt | Boots | Jacket This weekend, Tom and I escaped NYC for some fall festivities in Connecticut. Living in New York it is hard to realize the season changes until there is snow on the ground so I was so happy to wake up Saturday morning to leaves changing color and the […] Read more…


ThePreppyU: Bohemian Style

Traditional Bohemian style began in the 1960s with the free spirited hippies and has since made a name for itself in modern day fashion.  With a combination of the original essentials and a modern twist, the boho style is one of the most popular trends of our day.  There are several different veins of the […] Read more…