Briana Rivas | Philadelphia, PA -> Living in Myrtle Beach, SC | Coastal Carolina University 

Major: B.A. Dramatic Arts (Concentration in Costume Design)

Blogs at: Sequin Gowns and Mermaid Crowns

Every day I find inspiration to blog.  Whether it’s the changing seasons, a family gathering, a new product to review, or something I came across online, I enjoy writing about just about anything that catches my attention.  Overall, it’s my passion for style, beauty and just life in general that get my wheels spinning!

My personal style is hard to describe.  Basically, I dress according to how I feel that day.  If I’m feeling creative and artsy I lean toward a bohemian look; or if I’m feeling more classic and feminine I pull out my preppy essentials.  I also dress based on season.  In the summer I’m very surfer girl chic and in the winter I’m a little more rocker glam.  My personality is unique and complex and my style speaks to that!

A Few Fun Facts:

-I am a self proclaimed mermaid and lover of the ocean and all of its inhabitants.  I also religiously follow Shark Week

-Fashion has always been an important part of my life and I was birthed by very fashionable parents.  They even both went to school for fashion.

-I love to sing! I’ve been singing since I was little and musical theatre is a passion of mine! 

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Ashley Mungiguerra | Dallas, Texas | Hofstra University

Major: Journalism & Political Science

Bloggs at: Hepburn and Handbags

I went back and forth for months about what my blog was about, what it would look like. I had many, many variations and themes, until I started to get serious my sophomore year of college. Over the summer, I re-vamped my blog in an effort to really give it a new life! I am inspired by the things that I love- traveling, reading, learning, and wearing new and old, favorite pieces.

My personal style definitely falls under the ‘preppy’ umbrella, but I can never limit myself to just one style! I love mixing different trends, adding a statement piece to an old classic, and exploring whatever is ‘in’ at the moment. My personal style is all about what makes me feel great!

I studied abroad in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this past spring, and I can’t stop talking or blogging about it! I visited 13 countries in 4 months, and it only fueled my life-long love of traveling.

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Madison Carter | Sanford, North Carolina | North Carolina State University

Major: Business Administration, Marketing

Blogs at: Mads Maybe

I was inspired to start blogging by my admiration for other bloggers that I had been following. Seeing them do something so powerful and creative made me want to play a bigger role in the blogging community, as more than just a reader. Now that I’ve been blogging for several months, I have found inspiration in my life, my travels, and my blogging friends.

I consider my personal style to be comfy chic because I love high fashion and trendy pieces, but my biggest priority is being comfortable while I’m at school. I love printed shorts, cardigans, and rompers. Some of my personal favorite brands include Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Gap.

Fun Facts:

I love boy bands! Some of my favorites are the Jonas Brothers, Before You Exit, and The Vamps.

I’m absolutely obsessed with all things Disney and Maleficent is my favorite character.

I’m planning to minor in English alongside my marketing degree.

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Katie Steckly | Ontario, Canada | University of Waterloo

Major: Peace and Conflict Studies & English, Professional Writing

Blogs at: Thought Couture

I’m Katie, and I’m studying at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada. I’m doing a double major in Peace and Conflict Studies and English, Professional Writing. I’ve been blogging for over three years now, but since I was a kid I’ve loved beauty, fashion and making websites- so once I discovered what blogging was, I realized quickly that it was definitely for me. I’m always inspired by things I see other bloggers doing online, and events in my own life, but most of all I’m inspired to blog because of the amazing blogger communities online. I love the idea that we can share our ideas with one another, and learn from each other. I would describe my personal style as preppy, collegiate and classic. I love anything with a collar, and I pretty much live in black and white. I love to blog about makeup, personal style, and my experience as a student.


Shelby Howell | SUNY Oneonta

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Blogs at: The Gold Dime

Hello readers! I’m Shelby Howell, a college sophomore majoring in Fashion Merchandising. I love being able to say I’m completely infatuated with my major and cannot see myself doing anything else with my future and career. This fall will be my second semester of contributing to the CollegeFashionista platform. Because of CollegeFashionista, I was inspired to create my own personal fashion blog about five months ago titled The Gold Dime. I’m also apart of HerCampus’ premier blogging network, which I’m so lucky and happy to be included in. I can’t wait to add ThePreppyU to my list of amazing opportunities!

I like to consider my style classic yet modern. For example, I love timeless pieces like a white oxford button-down, blazers of all colors and some loafers. Yet on other days, I like to wear black jeans, some converse and a chambray or flannel shirt. I have an obsession with huge sunglasses and bright lipstick. My favorite brands include J.Crew, Madewell, and Kate Spade.

What truly inspires my blog and motivates me to keep going are honestly my stats and feedback. I love seeing that someone decides to take the time and read my content. I also love seeing people tweet/text/direst message me that they really love what I’m doing and appreciate the posts I create. There’s no better feeling than doing what you love and having other people love it too.

Hobbies of mine that are unrelated to fashion include traveling everywhere and anywhere, spending hours in coffee shops, crafting and DIY-ing and getting lost in bookstores. But most of the time you can find me shopping, working at my local J.Crew or out photographing for CollegeFashionista and/or my personal blog.

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Tia Gallinaro | Florida | Boston University

Blogs at: BigCityTyro

Originally from the sunny suburbs of Florida, I’ve relocated to the city of Boston and am now a junior at Boston University. I started my blog over two years ago in hopes that it would become a scrapbook of my adventures in college and as a rookie or “tyro” to big city life. Little did I know, Big City Tyro would become my creative outlet and personal happy place where I share everything from my travels along the Eastern Seaboard to nautical life in the city of Boston, my love of fashion and hopes to start a career in the industry one day, my advice on surviving college, and all of the other tidbits that inspire me along the way!

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Hannah Bettis | Overland Park, Kansas | University of Kansas

Major: Journalism

Blogs at: Hannah With a Camera

 I love blogging because it’s a great way to express myself creatively, especially with the academic writing I’m used to in school. I would describe my personal style as classic that errs on the side of preppy, though I have to admit I’m leaning towards the easy college student uniform of shorts, Nikes and a t-shirt.

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Savannah Ward | University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Blogs at: Always, S

 She writes about relationships, college, and traveling. When she’s not blogging, she’s probably nannying, walking dogs, studying, hiking, or planning her next road trip.

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Stephanie Jenssen | New York University

Blogs at The Lovely Essentials

Hello! Hallo! Hola! My name is Stephanie Jenssen, and I am a Norwegian/Cuban lifestyle blogger. I started blogging in January of 2015, when I made it my resolution to get my writing out there. Fast forward a couple of months, and my life did a whole 180 – all because of blogging. I began a graphic design business, and in the past month have secured a chance to publish my first novel, Selfish Help. I love everything comfortable, from fluffy sweaters to a good cloudberry horn (awesome Norwegian dessert!). I love when people can connect to my writing, and that is my main goal to accomplish with my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

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Tiffany Goldstein | Long Island, New York | Ohio University

Major: Broadcast Journalism and Fashion Merchandising

She spends her days doing almost everything for the insta and concocting the trendiest outfits on campus. When she is not studying or spending time with her Alpha Delta Pi sisters she is giving her big sister, ThePreppyMAG constant fashion inspiration.

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