I honestly can’t believe that come September, I’ll be a senior at Rider University! Like, what? Where did the time go?! I remember freshman move-in day all too clear.

I’ve been thinking of the approaching year and how crazy it’ll be. To ease my mind (and yours), I’ve begun a checklist for prepping for my senior year! Here are my “to-do’s”:

  1. Stay Focused

  • Don’t let senioritis get you! Just because it’s your senior year, doesn’t mean you should slack off. Stay focused on your classes even if you aren’t taking that many. Your GPA still counts.

  • Oh! It would also be smart to make sure you’re graduating haha. Meet with an academic advisor and make sure you’ve completed all necessary degree requirements.

  1. Keep A Calendar

  • You have so many events this year! There’ll be senior photos, buying your cap and gown, your graduation ring, parties (maybe even a ball) and graduation! Make note of these dates so you’re always prepared and on track.

  1. Watch Your Money

  • Save your money! You’re going to want to have huge plans during the school year as well as after graduation. Start saving for the plans you have. If you have trouble doing so, save at least $10-15 from every pay stub you make at work.

  • As a style blogger at adornedinarmor.com, I know the struggle of wanting to buy the perfect piece to complete an outfit (trust me). But, is it necessary? Could it wait? Ask these questions before you spend.

  • Handle those loans – ‘nough said.

  1. Think Post-College

  • Originally, I thought I wanted to go to grad school right after college but now I’m thinking eh! Not so much. Now, I plan on exploring the world through internships and then go to graduate school later on. So, think about post-college. Do you want to go to grad school? Do you want to intern? Do you want to travel?

  1. Make & Keep Connections

  • Talk to your professors. Build relationships with them and stay in contact with them. Those connections could definitely come in handy when you need references for potential opportunities in the future.

  • Go out. Try networking events! Join a professional organization in your field. Meeting new people is the best way to prepare for where you want to be and what you want to do.

  1. Breathe

  • You’ve made it through grueling years at your college/university. You have a lot of decisions to make and you’re going to be thrown into the “grown-up” world soon but you deserve to r e l a x! Make sure that you have fun in the midst of chaos – make time for friends, have some “me” time and just breathe! You got this.

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