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Let’s face it: girls own a lot of shoes and there isn’t much room at college. Whether you live on campus or off, no matter the size of your room, you will never have as much space or storage as you do at home. Due to this very, very sad predicament, consolidating your things and only bringing the necessities is a harsh reality. Because of this, I went ahead and broke down your entire shoe collection into only eight pairs – the necessities have you – that you absolutely need at college.

 ONE | Riding Boots

A fall classic, and a shoe very girl needs in her closet. They’re easy to throw on quick with leggings when you’re late for class and even better paired with a cute dress for your school’s big football game. You can never go wrong with a great pair of classic riding boots – they go with everything and are perfect for every occasion.

TWO | Weather Boots

Investing in a good weather boot is important no matter your age, but it’s especially important when you’re trekking across campus and having to sit in your wet shoes for at least an hour before heading back to your room. I love my Bean Boots but Hunter Boots are also a great option because they serve as rain boots and by inserting the Hunter Boot Socks, you have an instant winter boot! It’s a win-win and you can get use out of them all year long.

THREE | Practical Pumps


I love heels and I will wear them whenever the opportunity arises. Having a great (and practical) pair of pumps in your closet is a no-brainer, but sometimes you might forget you’ll need them when you’re away at college. Helloooooo job fairs, interviews, and {of course} the night scene!

FOUR | Wedges

Wedges are my new go-to. I recently decided now that I’m a big twenty-one year old that I can get away with wearing them on a daily-basis – whether it be with jeans, a dress, or with shorts. They add a little height (if you’re short like me) and a little more oomf to a casual outfit! Bring a pair with you to school that you can wear out but are also appropriate for class so you get more wear out of them!

FIVE | Flats

Okay, if you don’t have a pair of flats with you at all times, I don’t trust you. What do you do when your feet get sore?!  Crazy people. If you don’t own a pair of flats, go out to your local Target, Walmart, wherever, and purchase pair of basic tan flats. They’re great to have, even if you don’t wear them a whole lot – they’re appropriate for basically every activity and social occasion that you can think of.

SIX | Sneakers

You don’t want to get the Freshman 15, do you?  You’re not going to be able to avoid it if you don’t get yourself a great pair of sneakers. If you’re like me, you hate exercising, but there are so many different ways to be active if you’re not huge into going to the gym. Being active not only keeps you healthy, but also helps keep your stamina up – how else are you going to survive a full day of shopping?

SEVEN | Sandals

Investing in a great pair of sandals is also a great idea – don’t forget, ones with leather soles can be re-soled (which saves money in the future)! On those hot days where you can no longer wear your riding boots, your feet are too tired to walk across campus in wedges, and don’t even talk to me about how sweaty my feet will get if I even try to put on a pair of socks, a great pair of sandals is a necessity. Get a pair that will last you throughout college, even if they’re expensive. Your feet will thank you later, and you will get plenty of compliments along the way.

EIGHT | Flip Flops

I don’t care how ugly you think flip flops are, buy yourself a pair. They are an absolute must have for college, especially when it comes to showering. Please, please, please do not even think about showering without these bad boys on. College showers are gross – who knows what germs are in them – wear your ugly flip flops, make your feet (and your immune system) happy.

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  1. Sockwun
    June 17, 2015 at 10:43 am (3 years ago)

    I agree with this entire list! I used to just think that a couple of pairs of versatile shoes would get me through college, but having attended a pedestrian campus, I cannot appreciate my shoe closet enough. Different shoes definitely play different (important) roles, and having these different types will really save your soles! Thanks for sharing!


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