Before college I had a goal that I was determined to achieve, I wanted to be fit to start my new journey into the next chapter of my life. However, many people warned me about the infamous freshman 15, especially my brother and sister who graduated college. I constantly told them that the freshman 15 would not happen to me since my college campus is entirely uphill and for those who ever visited Ohio University would realize that Morton Hill and Jeff Hill is the main way to get to any destination on campus and one of the best glute and hamstring workout. I entered college with a positive attitude, ready to stay fit and feel confident about my body type. Going into College is the time to express yourself and start over, for instance when I was in high school I was never considered  “pencil thin stick” like all my other friends, I had curves, a booty, and yes thunder thighs but it was time to change my ways. Going into college I wished someone would have shared how to AVOID the freshman 15 instead of just warning me. There are many tips you should know to start your healthy, fit, and self-confident journey.

  You readers probably heard this before, but this statement is true; EXERCISE, EXERCISE! It is the key to success. When I am in school I feel like I have no time to exercise, because when I am at the gym I feel like I should be at the library and when I am at the library I feel like I should be at the gym.  As you can see I’m not great at time management, but I included exercise into my daily routine and that is the first step to the road to success. Each school has a gym full of equipment that is right for everyone, and its FREE, hence take advantage of it. Remember, if you burn off more calories than you consume, you will shed the freshman 15.

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Eat Healthy: I remember going into my dining hall with my newly made friends for the first time looking around and realizing the endless options. The first thing you have to remember is ignoring the unhealthy options and go straight for the healthy choice. The second step for eating healthy is go to the food store or the school market and stock up on healthy snacks (trust me you need them when you’re studying). When you are around healthy foods, you won’t crave junk. When you are eating healthy all week you are allowed to have cheat days. Personally I pick Friday and Saturday, I believe I gained my weight from drinking a little too much this year, I never partied in high school and when I came to college I didn’t believe that alcohol can cause weight gain. At Ohio University, it is hard to avoid this habit since we have  “Fest Season” second semester, it’s all fun in games until you’re not “beach body ready” anymore.

Have a  Workout Partner: going into your freshman year you will meet friends you will hopefully have for the next four years, so take them on your fabulous fitness journey with you. I personally work out better with a friend by my side, giving me the motivation to strive for my goal. Our favorite exercise is going to the free classes that the school has to offer. We LOVE breaking it down together in Zumba class, releasing our school stress in Yoga class, and learning how to Kick box just in case anyone ever messes with us.

I did not entirely gain the freshman 15, but I did gain weight since college. For all the high school graduates that are getting ready to in embark on their new journey, just remember that the freshman 15 is a real thing and a challenge you need to accept.  Have confidence, drive, and give yourself time and you will reach your weight loss goals.

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