Month: June 2015


SoulCycle with Hallie Wilson!

Ever since Hallie from Corals + Cognacs announced that she was training to be a SoulCycle instructor Nicole and I have been dying to get to one of her classes! Finally, after 3 months and I left work a little early to make it to her last class in NYC. This was exactly what I needed to […] Read more…


All-Natural Lashes in Only 3 Steps!

        We all know that stinging and terrifying feeling of eyelash glue dripping into your eye. For about 30 seconds you feel as if you are going blind and you ask your self why you would EVER even consider putting on false eyelashes. Physicians Formula mascara has answered all of our prayers. […] Read more…


ThePreppyU: The Flamingo Trend by Tia from Boston University!

top | skirt | dress | handbag | shoes | phone case There’s no denying that flamingos have been a hot trend this summer. No longer are flamingos just a decorative lawn ornament or a an exotic flamboyance (whats flock of flamingos are called) at you local zoo, it seems everyone has fallen for wearing these lovely pink frilly creatures on dresses to hats, sunglasses, skirts, […] Read more…