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Moving to Boston when I was a little 17 year old was definitely a scary thing. Growing up in my overly protected bubble on Long Island didn’t prepare me for the big city life and I definitely wish I had something like BlueLight to help me adjust the life I learned to love.

BlueLight is an easy-to-use mobile app that will have your back in both emergency and everyday safety situations, just like those actual blue lights your parents were all about during your college tours. With new advanced technology the traditional BlueLight is brought to the next level.

College may bring a few unpredictable circumstances and BlueLight helps us confidently combat our fears and live life on our own terms. The app was created by CEO and founder Preet Anad who was concerned about the growing sexual assault rate of young women on college campus but it can help prevent much more than that.

If you have graduated like me, BlueLight is even more important because we don’t have the safety precautions that a college campus may have so LISTEN UP to these amazing features!

 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.13.42 PM Request Help:

Whether you are on campus or hitting up the slopes, the “request help” button will notify the appropriate sources if you need help.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.13.42 PM 911:

When you call 911 your address will appear above the dialer so you can tell the dispatcher your location without having to look around/pull up google maps.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.13.42 PM Notify your ICE:

You have the option to notify your “in case of emergency”  contacts instantaneously when you dial emergency services. This means you reach your mom, boyfriend, and the police all at once.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.13.42 PM On My Way:

Share your location with the contacts in your phone. Walking home late at night, give your friends a heads up that you have made it safely home.

If you have extra paranoid parents like I do, seriously I talk to them every single night before I go to bed! This is a dream come true. You can officially let them know your every move with a tap of a phone and not have to make that awkward phone call when you reach your destination.

Although safety should always be our first concern it is most important that we live our life confidently. Instead of being ashamed of living a fun life in the city full of late nights and unpredictable adventures, BlueLight will help us always keep our loved ones updated on our whereabouts and prepare us for the worst.

I have already downloaded the app and my boyfriend LOVES that he always knows where I am when I’m headed home for a late night out with the girl friends so I definitely suggest downloading for yourself and taking it for a spin. Would love to know your thoughts!

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