What to Wear to an Interview

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Interviews are an inevitable part of life, especially during college. Whether you’re interviewing for an executive officer position in a campus organization or your first job in your post-grad career, it’s important to dress the part.

The interview outfit is crucial. What you’re wearing will communicate a lot to the interviewer. My advice is to keep it simple. The outfit should not overshadow who you are or what you say.

My advice for interview attire:

  • If you don’t already have a suit, invest in one. I would say in most circumstances, you should wear a suit to an interview.
  • Add a simple top underneath the blazer. If you’re going to go with a fun print, don’t let it be too distracting.
  • As for shoes, simple pumps (not too high) or flats will do.
  • Your accessories should tie the whole outfit together. Make sure you’re not wearing jewelry that will make a lot of noise.

Interviews can be stressful, but if you have the outfit, you’ll already be one step ahead to nailing that interview.

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