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My wardrobe has three categories: preppy, agency chic, and yoga pants. Yes, I have thought a lot about this. However, my favorite category is yoga pants by far! Comfy, can be sometimes pulled off as “agency chic” and now preppy. Devon Maryn bridges the gap between preppy and yoga pants in my wardrobe.

Some can say being dressed up at the gym is pointless and a waste of money. I say you’re crazy if you believe that. Yoga pants aren’t only for the gym. They are for snuggly sunday mornings or an early morning class when you pretend that you would “go to the gym” after. All kidding aside, you should want to look your best at the gym so you stay motivated and confident. Devon Maryn will let you do just that.

Devon Maryn offers preppy, pink and nautical activewear that will get you moving no matter what the occasion. If you ask Tom or my roommate Megan, they know that I am almost always wearing a pair of running shorts or yoga pants. That plus a Lilly-esce feel, Devon Maryn is right up my ally! Check out my favorites below:

Butter Me Up Lobster Yoga Capris


Drop Anchor Shorts


Confetti Yoga Capris


Butter Me Up Lobster Shorts 


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