I know I have mentioned this a few times throughout ThePreppyMAG but I have recently been addicted to Class Pass. It took me a few months to get hooked but now that I know it’s true potential, I’m never going back.

Class Pass is an exclusive all-access pass to some of the best gyms and studios in the city. I first joined this past summer and in only a few short months they have made legendary leaps to becoming my all-time favorite start-up. For $99 a month you get access to 400+ studios. From yoga, spin, or even a causal gym sesh at Crunch you can mold your fitness schedule around your busy life and not the rigid schedule of a gym that is way to expensive.

I also love how Class Pass is expanding exponentially so when you are traveling for work or pleasure, your gym comes with you. Over the summer I was able to catch a FlyWheel class during the week and an early morning Pure Barre class in the Hamptons on the weekends.

Besides being beneficial to my currently crazy lifestyle, Class Pass is an absolute ingenious idea! I love how they have really revolutionized the fitness industry and the millennial’s need to be a part of something bigger. From the easy to use mobile app to the friendly newsletter I’m so excited to be a part of Class Pass and see where else they will take us!

Check out my Class Pass schedule this week:

Monday: Bikram Yoga NYC

Wednesday: Slow Burn Yoga @ Y7 Studio

Thursday: FlyWheel

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