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Even though I was recently told that I give bad relationship advice (I’m looking at you Alyssa) I have to disagree and give credit where credit is due. After being with Tom for a little over two years, I have to say that our relationship is one of the most important things in my life. However, the funny thing is that it is effortless. I’m not saying it is for everyone because I know a lot of my friends like to play hard to get or even torture themselves before they give in but for me it was effortless and two years later I feel the same way.

The number one essential rule of finding your soulmate is to be yourself. I know you have probably heard this a million times but I am serious. The day I met Tom I made a huge fool of myself while I ran around on a football field like I knew what I was doing. After that we went to the best pizza place ever (T.Anthony’s) and I ate not one, not two but three slices. Don’t hold back and just do what makes you feel comfortable. 


Have fun together! A lot of couples can get stuck in a rut and fall into a somewhat boring routine. This is the reason a lot of girls prefer dating over relationships. But if you keep it interesting things won’t get boring, in fact you will continue to learn about each other and subsequently fall deeper in love. As much as I love going out with my girlfriends and date night can always steal my heart but I have the most fun going out with both of our friends.


Take interest in his work/hobbies. Whether it be an awesome project at work, their favorite TV show or even video games it is important to take interest in other things that make him happy. I could name numerous times where we sat up in bed talking about trending advertising campaigns and debating who our favorite How I Met Your Mother character is.


Be independent. Don’t get me wrong, Tom and I spend a lot of time together but we definitely give each other the opportunity to miss each other. Whether it be one day or a weekend it is important to give some breathing room because when you finally reunite after those dreadful 48 hours it is the most magical thing on earth.


Become the best version of yourself. When I’m with Tom I am motivated, determined, and thankful. He truly brings out the best in me and that is what is the most important in your soulmate. This is how your S.O. will become your best friend because who doesn’t want to be awesome all the time?


I know this is super sappy but it is important to understand that the dating woes and heartbreaks eventually come to an end. My best friends are probably LOLing that I can even write a post like this because I can promise you that things were not always this easy. The heartbreaks, lonely Valentine’s Days, and unsuccessful tinder dates are all crucial steps in finding your soulmate. When you find the one you’ll know because the dust will settle and your heart will be beaming.




3 Comments on How To Fall In Love Without Really Trying

  1. Tricia
    February 13, 2015 at 9:18 am (3 years ago)

    I love this article and your advice! Keep smiling and beamin and being YOU!!! xoMrsJ

  2. caendicott
    February 5, 2016 at 4:35 pm (2 years ago)

    The whole Be Yourself and Speak Up things are so true!!! It’s because I did these two things that my husband said he made him fall in love with me.


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