Meet ThePreppyU class of 2015! I am so excited to introduce you all to this amazing group of writers, students and totally preppy individuals! Students from Ohio, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburg, Virginia, Maine, and New York are coming together to tell us how they live the preppy life on campus.

Throughout the semester they will be sharing their preppy fashion expertise, offering study tips, and sharing their college experience with us. Without any further ado, please meet the class of 2015!


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I am a current senior attending Ohio University studying public relations as well as retail merchandising. I have absolutely fallen in love with the combination of all things communication within the retail and fashion world. My ultimate dream job is to work on the PR team for Sephora (as if I don’t already spend enough money there) I discovered my inner prep my first year of college. My clothes and fashion sense certainly match my personality. I love bright colors, floral prints, and of course a good accessory or two. My college staples are my Tory Burch pearl earrings (or Kendra Scott dangles if I’m feeling fancy!), my Longchamp (that I put absolutely everything in) and my gold monogram necklace.


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A 20 something blogger from Rochester, NY who studies media management during the day and fashion blogs at night. I’m obsessed with polka dots, motivational quotes, and being classy. My goal is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves they can be through my writing.


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Kim is in her first year of college at the University of Southern Maine, but is no newcomer to blogging. She started writing Mainely Fashion, a lifestyle, beauty, and, of course, fashion, blog during her junior year of high school. She is a proud sister of Alpha Xi Delta and loves anything seafoam green.


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Oh hello there ThePrettyMAG readers, I’m Paige.

Months ago, I was sitting in your very seat (figuratively, not literally silly), reading blogs and falling madly in love with my favourite bloggers. One day I realized, ‘theres not so much different between them and I really!’ … Except they had 1 million blog readers, and I had neither 1 million readers, nor a blog. Now you can come by for a visit and follow along my life at Stay a while! Would you like a water, champagne, white or red wine during your stay?


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Ellen is the author of A Pop of Pink, a fashion + lifestyle blog. When she’s not blogging, she’s busy finishing her last semester of college and interning in downtown Pittsburgh. You’ll often find her wearing J.Crew and Madewell, and she believes that everyone should aspire to have a classic, timeless wardrobe.


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Hoda Katebi

Hoda Katebi is an Iranian student, explorer, activist, and blogger from Oklahoma and now attending university in Chicago. Her blog, JooJoo Azad (meaning “Free Bird” in Farsi), is a fashion and social action blog filled with photography of personal style, DIYs, and discussions on social responsibility within the fashion industry.


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senior pic

I’m a Virginia and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, living out my last semester of college and preparing for real life. My blog is all about my life, tips, tricks, and everything else to succeeding in life as I figure it out!


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I’m currently a sophomore at Boston University studying marketing and public relations. Originally from the sunny suburbs of Florida, I’ve fallen in love with the quintessential New England nautical lifestyle and write the life and style blog Big City Tyro to document my adventures as a college student, big city tyro, and preppy fashion enthusiast.


Twitter: @TiffanyRoseGold

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Tiffany is an Ohio University Freshman majoring in broadcast journalism and fashion merchandising. She spends her days doing almost everything for the insta and concocting the trendiest outfits on campus. When she is not studying or spending time with her Alpha Delta Pi sisters she is giving her big sister, ThePreppyMAG constant fashion inspiration.

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