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On Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the Aeropostale relaunch party and I am so happy I did. Not only was it great to be back in a store that I had so many memories in but it was awesome to find some great additions to my closet!

I’m being serious! From some amazing workout gear┬áto an amazing Pretty Little Liars collection (Totally channel my inner-Spencer), my closet is definitely welcoming some newcomers this week. It was great to see a quality brand like Aeropostale selling trendy clothes that we know aren’t going to fall apart after we wear them once.

Although the awesome clothes was the best part of the party there were a few extra perks! Like the D.J., free manicures, photo booth, and fruit punch refreshments! Overall, the party was a huge success and definitely a great way to start my week!

Working in the advertising industry, I have to give Aeropostale props on this rebranding campaign. I love that they aren’t targeting new people, they are targeting the same audience they have for years. They are targeting those who have grown up with Aeropostale and can now continue to wear Aeropostale. What I did appreciate about the rebranding was that not everything is brand new. There were still a few things that exemplified the signature Aeropostale look, giving something to both new and old customers.

As a blogger, there is nothing I love more than having the opportunity to work with brands and other bloggers. Was so happy to meet a fellow blogger from the HCBN, Caroline from The Caro Diaries. It’s moments like these that makes blogging the best career, because you continue to make friends along the way!

Be on the lookout for some awesome Aeropostale styles on ThePreppyMAG soon!

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2 Comments on Aeropostale Wins Us Back

  1. Susan Paliotta
    July 30, 2014 at 10:47 am (3 years ago)

    Always liked Aero and especially how affordable it is! Thanks for the update!
    And Happy Anniversary Preppy Mag-Always enjoy the postings-great inspiration even for an old lady like me! :)


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