I can’t even believe that ThePreppyMAG is already a year old! It feels like yesterday that I was just trying this “blogging thing” out. So far ThePreppyMAG has been an amazing adventure for me. This personal project of mine has turned into so much more that I never could have imagined. It has turned into a passion and a career goal.

In only a short year I have learned what this growing industry has to offer me as a young professional, I have learned what good work is and what great work is, and I have learned who my true friends are. There are certain things that scary about blogging, what if you don’t get any views? What if nobody shows up to the event? The list goes on. However, with the support of my family and great friends my worries never got too out of hand.

Here are the top five posts from the last year! Cheers to many more!

1. How To Find The Perfect Formal Dress

How To Find The Perfect Formal Dress

2. Prepping For Winter Break

Prepping For Winter Break

3. Dressing For The Occasion

Dressing For The Occasion

4. Red, Green, and Sparkles

Red, Green, and Sparkles

5. Prepping For Ritual

Prepping For Ritual

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  1. Marissa
    July 24, 2014 at 1:17 pm (3 years ago)

    Congrats, Marie!!!!


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