If you have seen me in the last two weeks I’m sure you already know my latest obsession, Bikram Yoga. Even though I have practiced a bit in the past this is the first time I’m starting to get serious. Like three times a week serious.

Ever since I took yoga as my gym class in high school (LOL that was actually a thing!) I have been fascinated with the benefits it really does have on your body. Since I grew up as a dancer working out hasn’t always been my favorite activity because I would rather do something a little more interesting than aimlessly running on a treadmill. This is why I found yoga to be the perfect exercise for me and Bikram yoga to be a perfect fit.

Bikram yoga was the perfect fit because even though I know that other yoga types benefit your body in different ways, Bikram yoga actually feels like a workout. If you are like me and have a million things to do everyday, when you work out you want it to be worth and you want to make sure it is worth your time. Bikram does just that.

I recently joined, Bikram Yoga NYC and I cannot be happier. In the past the yoga studios I went to had a pretentious vibe about them and this one is completely different. This studio urges you do your own personal best and makes you feel like you are a part of the class regardless of how experienced you are. The best thing about Bikram Yoga NYC is that it is only two blocks away from my apartment, which means NO EXCUSES!

This Midtown studio is a must try if you are trying to get slim this summer!

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