Blair Waldorf

Life isn’t always easy. Most likely if you think life is easy, you’re doing it wrong. This uneasiness comes from change and if you are like me, change is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to you. I am set in my ways, I do the same things every day, I have a schedule and a to-do list. When things start to change I need to adapt and I need time.

These changes can be as simple as a new class schedule or as complex as starting a new relationship. These changes always seem to get me in a funk. Whether they ┬ábe good, like when I got my new MacBook Air or bad when I get my heart broken. In the past few days I have reached some scary realizations. As a 21 year old who is on the brink of her career, change is inevitable. Change is about to hit me full force in the next few months. I’ll be in a different location with different friends and have different aspirations.

Knowing me, I’ll be stubborn, narrow-minded and resist this for as long as possible. I’ll probably cry and the people who love me will definitely get sick of me complaining. However, although these scary realizations have come to me another more appealing one did. The one thing that will never change is who I am. In the last four years I have worked hard to be a person that I am proud to be and if anybody in my journey has a problem with that then theres nothing I can do.

On a final note, I found myself repeating the following: “I can sit and bed and feel bad for myself or I can go out and prove myself.”

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