Final Score – FSU: 34 Auburn: 31

Quick recap – Tre Mason is a monster, granted FSU’s defense isn’t all that great. For sure lock for offensive MVP had Auburn won the game. Jameis Winston should have been picked off on at least two occasions. Nick Marshall was picked off on one occasion, resulting in an FSU TD. Auburn’s special teams seemed to have a really bad case of the jitters, fumbling 3 times, although FSU couldn’t capitalize on any of those chances. They did, however, capitalize on an injury during the kickoff following Auburn’s Field Goal in the 4th quarter, resulting in blown coverage and a 100-yard TD return. Winston finally remembered how to pass with one minute left in the game, going 6/7 for 68 yards and a TD within 58 seconds to seal the game. All in all, a great BCS game to watch. Now, onto some clothes…

Pennington and Bailes offers these college themed button-downs, khakis, dresses, skirts, polos and much more for a ton of Universities. If your school is anything like mine, their designs for clothing are very lackluster. Pennington and Bailes takes care of the college swag for them with a nice preppy twist. Look good, and be proud of your school.

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