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First off, I’m sorry for these photos, but it was the best way to display the socks. I swear to God I don’t wear my pants like this…

Since I graduated last year I have had to buy more and more dress socks to wear to work. In college, the only time I, or anyone, really needed to wear dress socks was at a formal, an interview, or a big class presentation – so there was really no reason to have a ton of pairs. Recently, I have discovered the art of crazy dress socks.

If you work in a more casual environment like I do where you don’t need to wear suit every day, crazy dress socks are a great addition just to jazz your look up a bit. Not everyone is going to notice, but that’s okay because the people that do will say something – and that’ll make you feel good. These socks should not match a single thing you’re wearing. That’s the point. No one notices socks unless they’re out of the ordinary.

I’ll even help get you started. Tommy Hilfiger is offering a deal where you get 3 pairs of socks, for just $15. If you’re looking for my expert advice here, go for the Anchor Dress Socks and two pairs of the Argyle Dress Socks (one pair in each color).

So, next time you go sock shopping, spice things up and grab a pair that will straight up not match your clothes. Or, if you’re anything like me, just send your mom a text that you’re into crazy colored socks now and she’ll work her magic. You’ll thank me.

And, if you’re looking for any of the specific pairs that I am wearing here, check out Banana Republic.

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