Thanksgiving is almost here! Finally home from Boston and hours away from being reunited with the entire family where we can finally kickoff the holiday season in style! To some, this is a dreaded day but for my family we love nothing more than being together.

I am happy to say that my cousins are some of my best friends and this is what makes the holidays so special to me. It’s not just about all the food we eat or all the presents we open. It is about the conversations we have at the dinner table, the laughs that we have throughout the night, and about the traditions that we will never grow out of.

Each year it seems like a test of who will let the traditions go and even though most of us are 21 years old and older we all still wear matching P.J.s on Christmas Eve, my 24 year old brother still dresses up like the “Jewish Santa” (shhh don’t tell anybody it’s him), we still hide in the boys room when Santa comes and read The Night Before Christmas, and we still eat anchovies on a cracker at midnight on Christmas Eve because it’s “lucky.”

These are the things that have always been. I am a sucker for tradition and I wish everyday that I could take Peter Pan up on his offer of never growing up. However, there is always a part of me that wonders when things will change. With five out of the twelve cousins graduate college this year, I wonder where everyone will be this time next year. When will the table of twenty double to include significant others, or triple to include children (or quadruple, thank you Aunt Susan)?

This probably should not be the topic of conversation at Thanksgiving dinner, because if you know anything about my family we like to get emotional!! (LOLZ at Philip’s graduation) I guess for now we will focus on dodging the powdered sugar when it goes everywhere but the crumb cake (thanks mom/ watch out grandma), making the peanut butter cookies (in high demand), and hoping we actually don’t die due to the Death By Chocolate!

Traditions are a wonderful thing, especially when you have a family like mine to share them with! What are your family traditions for the holidays?

Checkout our traditions through the years!

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