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Sorority formals are right around the corner and I think I need to go pick up this darling dress from In The Pink! If you are an avid follower of ThePreppyMAG you know how much I love navy but match it with gold and I don’t think you can get anything better! This is looking like a PERFΣKT semi-formal dress if you ask me!

Here are my steps to finding the perfect ensemble for your sorority formal!

1. Make it classy– Remember you are not going out to a club. This is a formal event that your social chair has worked tirelessly putting together so don’t make her or your sorority look bad! Also, there will be sorority advisors there so don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t want to show to your mother.

2. Make it comfortable– I know beauty is pain but at your own formal you want to have fun and we all know an itchy dresses will ruin the night! This especially goes for the shoes. If you ask my boyfriend he will tell you that I am the worst at this step!

3. Remember the Clutch– you may think that a bag is unimportant, until your holding your iPhone in every picture and that just looks tacky. A gold clutch like the one in this photo is always great to have for formal events or even a night out on the town with your sisters.

4. Will you wear this again– Formal is just one night of the entire year. Although there are tons of photos taken, think of other events you may wear this dress to. Weddings, family events, or other Greek formals!

5. Confidence- This is key to having a good time. Don’t worry if you have a do or do not have a date, if your date is awkward, if your date ditches you (all things I have been through). The most important thing is that you have your sisters by your side and this will be a night to remember!

Still looking for that perfect formal dress? Join is at In The Pink on December 5th for Boston Sorority Night!




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