We all have those role models where we ask ourselves, “How does she do it??” She is getting A’s, is in about 50 clubs, and always has a smile on her face, how does she do it? This, this is how she does it…..

1. Daily goals:

Goal making is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks to Sigma Kappa’s value of personal growth I find myself constantly trying to better myself and I do this by setting goals. Some are attainable and some are not (at least not at this moment) but I always have a goal to work towards. Although a lot of my goals are long-term I also make daily goals, whether it be get a certain amount of reading done or getting to bed by a certain time having these goals will keep you organized and help with time management throughout the day.

2. Make a list:

When I have a lot on my plate I will write every little thing that I need to get done on a post-it and put it on my Lilly planner. This will be a constant reminder to get to work when you may be getting off track.

3. Time Management:

Before you start any of your work make a time schedule of when you are going to do each thing on your list and for how long. If you get out of class at 5pm and have a meeting at 9pm set a time frame for each thing you want to accomplish so those four hours can be the most productive.

4. Give your undivided attention:

You may have a thousand things to do but give your full attention to what you are doing in that moment. This will save time in the long-run. You may think it is a good idea to do your stats homework in your accounting class but when you are studying for accounting a few weeks later you are going to be cursing yourself.

5. Don’t let your workload show:

If you show your boss or friends that your workload is too much it will not end well for you. Your Boss won’t think you are competent enough and won’t give you responsibilities that you may have been looking forward too. Unless the workload is truly too much and it is harming the quality of your work then it is okay to share that with your boss. Don’t let your workload show to your friends because they will stop inviting you because they will think you are always busy and if you are anything like me you will be upset. Don’t they know your a good multi-tasker? You can be at a bar drinking a margarita simultaneously managing an organization while publishing work to your blog!

6. Take time for yourself:

Whether this be chilling out in your bed watching Netflix or hanging out with friends it is important not to drown in your work. If you do, nothing will be enjoyable and it won’t be worth it. I am busy all the time because it is a rewarding experience for myself. However, if I didn’t take time to be a normal college student here and there I know I would regret it.

7. Enjoy the little things: 

Whether it be your Starbucks latte or  a new mechanical pencil there are little things in life that makes the multi-tasker not give up!

8. Be perceptive:

You may have a million things to do in your life but always try to put it into perspective. When I am getting stressed out about something I always remember that the world will not end if this does not get done by a deadline. You may get a few points off or somebody may be disappointed but there are so many worse things in the world. Don’t forget to be perceptive of your family and friends. Sometimes I am so busy that I can go days without seeing my friends and family and I am guilty at missing some really important milestones. Remember they are a integral part of your busy life as well!

9. Don’t be too sensitive:

You may work on an event for months and none of your friends will show up or you may finally get that internship offer you have been dreaming of and nobody will congratulate you. Remember that you have been so busy that they probably don’t even know what has been going on. You have been trying to avoid talking about your crazy life that they have no clue how much something means to you. Most importantly remember they are most likely just as busy as you are. We are all college students, we all have tests, we all need to study and you should know that sometimes support takes a backseat.

10. Dress Well, Do Well:

This is my golden rule. As much as sometimes I want to roll out of bed in my sweats it is important to always put at least some effort into your appearance each day. When I don’t feel comfortable in what I am wearing or how I look I can’t focus and we all know that is just a time sucker!

Finals are right around the corner and the multitasking is in full swing. So now more than ever, follow these steps to success!

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  1. taylorbrioneballard
    November 21, 2013 at 7:46 pm (4 years ago)

    I live and die by number 10!! When I’m dressed well generally perform better. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing.


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