Last week I had one of the most amazing experiences as a collegian. As a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista I was invited to a fashion discussion and book signing with the one and only Kenneth Cole at Harvard University. Although the traffic was ridiculous because of the Red Sox World Series game I finally got there to learn what it truly takes to be a part of the fashion industry. Kenneth spoke on everything from social media’s role in fashion to his views on corporate philanthropy. As an aspiring professional I found his demeanor and advice inspiring.

A few words of advice that will stick with me as I make my steps into the industry are:

“The only thing consistent in fashion is change,”

“I always put myself in the shoes of those I’m trying to connect with, hoping they’ll but themselves in mine.”

“What you do is not who you are. Your career path is not how you should define yourself”

When a student asked what is secret to success was he answered that it has loved his career from the day he started and that loving what you do is imperative for success. This is something as a college student I need to remind myself, here at the beginning of my career I have the power to change anything at anytime. My love for fashion reminds me that I’m the quarter of the way to success in the fashion industry.

The event was focused around his new book, This Is A Kenneth Cole Production (which I obviously bought for my future NYC apartment coffee table). The book celebrates his 30 year anniversary in the fashion industry, hence the hash tag #30yearsbold. All the proceeds of the book go to supporting The Foundation for AIDS Research.




A few of my Sigma Kappa sisters came along for the ride! It is always nice to have the support of my sisters in everything I do.



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  1. Andrea
    November 7, 2013 at 7:31 pm (4 years ago)

    WOW!!!! Amazing experience!!!! So proud of you!!!!!


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