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October is breast cancer awareness month and multiple brands are coming out to support the cause. As a true sorority woman I can’t resist an opportunity for philanthropy so I am always down for a percentage of my purchase to go to a cause! I specifically love that the fashion industry has gotten involved in Breast Cancer Awareness because of the female majority in the industry. This gives us the opportunity to make a huge impact on something that hits home to many. I have compiled a few of my favorite campaigns.

1. Alex and Ani: If you are a frequent reader of ThePreppyMAG you know that I am a huge fan of Alex and Ani. Their “Charity By Design Collection” is something that makes the brand different from others and says a lot about the personality. It also makes their bangles meaningful. You can tell a lot about me by my stack of bangles and these Charity By Design bangles add more to your personal stories and encourages you to take pride in who you are. Check out the newest Breast Cancer Awareness bangle, available in gold and silver.

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2. Lilly Pulitzer: Lilly is by far my favorite brand out there and if you know me well this isn’t too hard to understand. I love Lilly because it is more than a clothing brand, it is a lifestyle brand. Having this print support Breast Cancer Awareness is not only a charitable effort but it is also a positive message for those like myself who try to embody what it means to be a “Lilly Girl.” They usually describe the “Lilly Girl” as always full of surprises, one who loves a good party, and always classy with poise. This adds another characteristic to the list, a girl who gives back to the community. If you ask me, what more could you ask for?

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3. Vineyard Vines: Another brand that you all know that I love! Vineyard Vines is known to always be “tied to a cause” and for October they have once again impressed us with their Breast Cancer Awareness products. 30% of these proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Alliance. Like Lilly, I love that Vineyard Vines makes the products something you would wear regardless if it went to Breast Cancer. The pink chevron print is gorgeous and I would probably buy it either way. This is a great way to raise even more money for the cause! VV I like what I see!!

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4. Ralph Lauren: This is a brand that can really make a difference. The iconic polo horse has gone pink and not only is this a great way to spread awareness but who wouldn’t want a pink polo horse?! For a Ralph Lauren customer having a pink polo in the wardrobe is a necessity so the fact that it also supports Breast Cancer Awareness is always a plus!

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