Party Sweater (Vineyard Vines) Shorts (Vineyard Vines) Shoes (Sperry Top-Sider)

Look who has been promoted from smile producer to male model! This outfit just had to make an appearance on ThePreppyMAG! This entire outfit is brought to you from Vineyard Vines and I am so proud to say that I produced this prep!! Not only is this the ultimate male prepster outfit, searsucker shorts, sperry’s etc. I must introduce to you “The Party Sweater.” Yes, that is actually what it is called even though Tom thought he made up that name. This sweater is perfect for all occasions, 1. because it has multiple options when coordinating 2. you can be casual and wear it with shorts or throw on a pair of kakis and wear it to work!

Fun pieces like these are what keep being preppy exciting! If you ask Tom he will definitely agree with the Vineyard Vines motto “Everyday Should Feel This Good” #EDSFTG and that is exactly why he has hardly taken off the party sweater since purchase!  Vineyard Vines has a great Fall collection that has unique and drool-worthy pieces for Men. From patterns to bold hued pants they have everything that will help you return to campus in style…..or if you are like Tom reminisce about his Fraternity days!

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